Danish Official Visit to India

Gujarat and New Delhi

10 - 13 January 2017

Smart City

In the coming decades, Indian cities will grow by up to 400 million people, challenging an already strained urban infrastructure in many cities. Therefore, with 100 Smart Cities Mission, the current government has helped launch a number of urban development and renewal projects, encompassing water and wastewater, energy, infrastructure, transport and solid waste management, among others. Financed by investments by the government and Indian states of approx. DKK 100bn and other investments attracted by the cities, these projects will cover a broad range of activities and require businesses with the capability and experience to create sustainable, long-term solutions. Danish businesses operating in these sectors are ideally positioned to complete many of these projects, especially within the areas mentioned above. With six nominated cities and three that have already been chosen to receive the investments, Gujarat is among the most engaged states in the sector and a natural place to begin.